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Tradewinds Power Corp was established in 1978, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, focusing on the design and development of diesel and gas engine powered products for providing electricity, providing horsepower, and moving water. Our industrial products include a wide range of Generator Sets, Power Units, and Pump Sets. We also offer a fully stocked Parts and Service Department at each of our locations and pride ourselves in providing the market and our customer base with the highest quality products to supply you, “Power When You Need It™”.

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Tradewinds, as a generator set assembler, has built a solid reputation through an extensive list of domestic and international clientele.

Flexible manufacturing processes enable us to competitively provide product that meets the specific needs of our clients. UL 2200 certification ensures that we comply with bid specifications for U.S. standby generator set assemblies.

We select the engine and generator combination that best meets the required power and application and we provide generator sets powered by diesel and of gaseous fueled engines.

Power Unit


Tradewinds has for many years enjoyed a close relationship with engine manufacturers, either as a principal distributor or OEM. For more than three decades, we have developed internal resources in the areas of engineering, manufacturing and sales that are needed to claim extensive knowledge regarding the correct application of horsepower.

Our range of power units incorporating Perkins and John Deere engines are designed to cover a wide range of applications including agricultural, mining, industrial and groud support. Whether the power is driving an automatic transmission, manual clutch or hydraulic motor, Tradewinds power units are the right choice.

Irrigation Pump


Tradewinds has considerable experience in packaging pumps for a variety of applications. We can configure a diesel engine driven pump combination to provide the exact flow and pressures you require. Provide us with the performance parameters and we will assemble a quality centrifugal (manual or auto prime), turbine or submersible pump set to match. Whether it's for agriculture, commercial, industrial, municipal, stationary or mobile, international or domestic use we have the product you require.



Tradewinds Power Corp provides the agricultural market, engine controls and telematics designed to suit all OPUs, Pump Packages and Generator Systems. Whatever your application, or budget, we have the system to meet your needs. We bring to our customers the latest in remote monitoring and control, whether you are operating a single unit or an extensive network of mobile and stationary

Irrigation Pump

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Tradewinds, as a generator set assembler, has built a solid reputation through an extensive list of domestic and international clientele.

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Product Support

Protect Your Investment

We’re proud of the equipment we represent – so we want to keep them running at peak performance throughout their lives.

Tradewinds Power Corp offers monthly, quarterly or yearly plans to meet your budget, testing, and inspection requirements, or just call for an appointment if the unexpected happens.

Quality Parts, Service, & Value

At Tradewinds Power Corp we are committed to providing our customers the best parts, service, and value for their money.

Our biggest parts resource is the team that has responsibility for processing your order and shipping your parts. Our parts staff is comprised of individuals with decades of accumulated experience and extensive knowledge regarding the parts we supply and our assurance they are to the correct specification of the engine, generator, and accessories you own.

A Fully Comprehensive Warranty

All Tradewind's products are backed up by a factory warranty. Warranties are fully comprehensive and cover parts, labor and other related items.

With an extensive network of factory-trained technicians to undertake warranty repair, our goal is to provide the best in class after-market support. Our technical support staff is trained to resolve service issues, as well as assist with warranty work and completion of forms. The warranty starts from the date the equipment enters service. On receiving a Tradewinds piece of equipment, the owner/operator should register the engine for warranty to commence.