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Whether it is powering an orange grove, a government municipality, businesses, homes, or on the water, Tradewinds Power Corp is your full service generator, power unit, and pump supplier.

With the ability to customize power systems to meet the needs of our diverse range of customers, you can count on Tradewind's years of experience to power your most critical applications.  

Tradewinds provides worry-free power and carries a range of aftermarket parts and services options to ensure that your equipment has the backup support that it requires.



Tradewinds Power Corp has been at the forefront of developing and packaging generators, power units, and pump packages for agricultural applications since our establishment more than three decades ago.

Whether you are a fruit grower, wheat producer, involved in aquaculture, or involved in poultry or livestock production, we understand the competitive nature of your business in today’s global economy.

Our products are engineered to provide the utmost reliability for the best value.


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Tradewinds Power Corp is pre-approved to do business with participating governments, eliminating the miles of red tape and time it would take to win approval of sales individually. Buyers are guaranteed that Tradewinds Power Corp meets the required high standards for competence, with professional expertise, and at fair and transparent prices.

We are recognized as a leader and innovator of power generator sets (for prime and standby power), pump sets, and power units. Even before being placed on the Florida Sheriffs Association list of approved vendors, Tradewinds Power Corp was a principal supplier to Florida governmental departments.


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Florida Sheriffs Association
North Carolina Sheriffs Association
Virginia Sheriffs Association

Industrial Application


Whether it's a manufacturing plant or water treatment plant, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly downtime as equipment is set up and raw materials are prepared. Lighting and climate control in a warehouse are critical to ensuring that customers will receive their inventory according to schedule. Industries depend on Tradewinds Power Corps' standby power system that meets your specific needs, and avoid costly business interruptions due to power outages.

Commercial Application


Lost power means lost revenues. In some cases, though, it could mean irreparable damage to your brand's reputation. It means interruption to your mission critical loads resulting in potentially catastrophic outcomes. No matter your business need, our business is protecting yours—from the damage of power outages. From legally required backup power systems to those that simply help you get an edge on your competitors, you can rely upon Tradewinds.

Residential Application


Tradewinds Power Corp’s residential generators are self contained standby generator packages complete with mounted auto control panel, air cleaners, exhaust silencers, mounted on a steel frame with vertical radiator, exhaust discharge, and oil & coolant drain lines. All Tradewinds Power Corp generators and components are prototyped, assembled and tested within our purpose built packaging, manufacturing, and testing facility.

Marine Application


Unlike many other manufacturers, Tradewinds has the advantage of being located in one of the world's largest marine markets. Over the last three decades, we have developed a wide range of marine products for many clients.

The largest marine applications we serve are power generation and propulsion. We offer products for the commercial, work boat, and recreational boating markets.

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