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Agriculture Power Unit


Technical, service, and warranty support is provided through our factory trained bilingual product support team. Personnel are trained on all components, including generators, power units, pump sets, marine engines, transmissions, control panels and transfer switches. We have training facilities at multiple locations, where our experienced personnel provide certified training to our domestic and international dealer network personnel.

Tradewinds also provides direct service and start-up commissioning.  Our service department employs the latest and most advanced electronic diagnostics equipment, including resistive and reactive load banks. Tradewinds' service personnel possess in-depth knowledge of diagnostic protocols capable of solving the most complex faults.

It is important to maintain your Tradewinds product on a regular basis to ensure reliable operation.

Standby Generator

Support and Planned Maintenance

Tradewinds Power Corp offers service support that is available both for routine maintenance and emergencies. Our Planned Maintenance programs include:

  • Scheduled inspections of key service items (belts, batteries, filters, hoses, radiator, etc.)
  • Extended warranty programs
  • Load bank testing
  • Electrical system testing
  • Coolant testing
  • Oil analysis and any required oil changes
  • Remote wireless monitoring
  • Fuel cleaning and filtering
  • ATS and switchgear testing and maintenance
  • Generator rentals

All of our technicians are factory-trained and authorized and/or have extensive experience in power generation. You’ll feel better knowing that the technicians servicing your generator, power unit or pumps are highly trained in their field.

Disaster Response

Disaster Response

As a major manufacturer of power and pumping equipment located in Florida, Tradewinds Power Corp must be prepared for hurricanes and power outages. Not only do we have a responsibility to the community to supply critical power and pumping packages during an emergency we have the procedures in place to ensure our clients are supported with the critical systems needed during our emergency. Planned maintenance programs ensure equipment is maintained in a state of readiness and our dedicated service team is knowledgeable and ready to bring power when and where required.


When weather disrupts a wide area of communication, travel and lifestyle, it is difficult to bring in vital equipment and services. We don’t have to get in, we’re already here with 3 Florida manufacturing facilities, locally based service technicians, and a network of dealers with factory trained service technicians.

First Hand Experience

Florida has more lightning strikes than any other state in the nation with the local utility power regularly being taken off line due to lightning strikes. We have decades of experience in supplying emergency generator systems to commercial, industrial, governmental and residential applications.

Local Knowledge & Codes

Our engineering team has worked very closely with local, state, and federal authorities responsible for setting standards for equipment to operate in hurricane conditions. We offer a full range of power and pump packages designed, tested, and built to withstand hurricane conditions.

Latest Technology

The power generation, and pumping equipment we manufacture incorporates the latest technology. Our experience in applying remote monitoring systems to our equipment is a great advantage when hurricanes hit.


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Disaster Response

Warranty & Product Support

All Tradewinds products are backed up by a factory warranty. Warranties are fully comprehensive and cover parts, labor and other related items.

With an extensive network of factory-trained technicians to undertake warranty repair, our goal is to provide the best in class after-market support. Our technical support staff is trained to resolve service issues, as well as assist with warranty work and completion of forms.

The warranty starts from the date the equipment enters service. On receiving a Tradewinds piece of equipment, the owner/operator should register the engine for warranty to commence.

Certain terms and conditions apply to our warranty – these are available from Tradewinds – and our warranty is subject to satisfactory use of the engine, and service in-line with that recommended for the engine.

Protect you investment with an extended warranty.

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Information Sheet

Information Sheets

To fulfill our commitment to be the leading supplier in the power generation industry, the Tradewinds Power Corp team ensures they are always up-to-date with the current power industry standards as well as industry trends. As a service, our Information Sheets are circulated on a regular basis to existing and potential power customers to maintain their awareness of changes and developments in standards, codes, and technology within the power industry.

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